Game of Thrones Sansa Cosplay Guide

Whether you are a fan of pure games or cospiay, you may dream of vividly reproducing your favorite characters. If you have played too many Marvel movie characters, game characters or cartoon characters, you may want to turn your attention to this field. Since the launch of Game of Thrones, its thrilling plot and lively characters have been highly sought after.

Here, I recommend the character I like to you. Oh yea, of course, the other roles are also very exciting.

Sansa is the eldest daughter of Ed Stark, Duke of Winter City, and has a noble lady style. Unlike her sister Aria Stark, she wanted to be a lady since she was young. Her ice wolf was called Lady, and later this ice wolf was killed. Sansa was once the fiancée of Joffrey Baratheon, who was later replaced by Margaret Tyrell. After the death of her father, she became a hostage of King’s Landing. She was tortured in King’s Landing. She was rescued by Littlefinger on the day of the poisonous murder of Joffrey’s wedding and became a tool of Littlefinger’s plot.

Later, Sansa and Jon Snow took back Winterfell and became the youngest queen in Winterfell.

If you want to be different and like beautiful clothes, I really hope Sansa can give you a different feeling. She may not be very popular, but she is amazing. As one of the two goddesses of video games, Sansa has also won many fans.

If you are starting to be interested in role-playing Sansa, here is an introduction to Sansa role-playing costumes, I hope it will help you.


The vest is made of black composite leather and black spandex leather. The leather is not too soft and has a very sophisticated feel.

Black skirt

The black dress is made of linen, which is simple and elegant. Even if it is not a special cosplay costume, you can easily buy it in general stores.

Gloves and belts

This seems to be an indispensable part of every role play and the easiest thing to find alternatives. If you want to match this role harmoniously, we suggest you visit our website:


The cloak is the strongest and most expensive part of the whole garment, which can avoid the clothes being too monotonous and increase the sense of hierarchy. The collar is thick white cream. In winter, it is absolutely warm and looks very angry. You can put it on the collar of some cotton clothes, but be careful because it is difficult to clean the dirt on the fur collar. You need to buy detergent.

Metal chain

Unlike the necklaces usually used for role-playing, it has a more sense of design. Like the pocket watch worn by the Chinese national warlord, it is more retro and will not look clumsy in the entire costume.

Enjoy the marvelous Sansa cosplay in the upcoming manga occasions. Don’t be dissatisfied with the lack of important things, because they are your bottom line before showing off. I also hope that the final role of Sansa will bring more surprises. Finally, I offer some tips. If you don’t want to go to different stores to buy equipment, you can buy a complete set of cosplay costumes in one store, which saves time and is convenient.

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